About us

Improves underground mining and tunnelling process with knowledge and technology

Our mission: 
Leading transformation into digitalised and sustainable underground mining and tunnelling.

Normet is a fast growing and innovative technology company. We help our customers to build the safest places underground – highlighted in our vision:

We help our mining and tunnelling partners to continuously improve their processes, increase the safety and productivity of their underground activities, and improve the sustainability of their operations.

Normet encourages a strong collaboration with its customers. We have amassed process expertise over thousands of mines and tunnel projects all over (and under) the globe. The broad perspective means experience and expertise about what should and should not be done to achieve the optimum results.  Normet improves underground mining and tunnelling processes with knowledge and technology translating process expertise into actions and financial results.

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Normet has a broad underground offering:

  • Concrete spraying (shotcrete) and transport
  • Explosives charging
  • Scaling
  • Lifting
  • Installation works
  • Logistics
  • Sprayed concrete solutions
  • Rock and ground support
  • Injection systems for water control (leak sealing)
  • Injection Systems for ground engineering (ground stabilisation)
  • TBM Additives,  covering hard rock, EPB, open face and slurry type machines
  • Coatings and additivies for waterproofing
  • Concrete admixtures for readymix and precast
  • Construction and concrete repair
  • Bolting Systems
    High quality and innovative products that reduce the risk and consequences of accidents and facilitate high productivity in challenging rock conditions
  • Field Services
  • Parts & Logistics
  • Upgrades & Modification
  • Rental
  • Remanufacturing
  • Service Agreements
  • Normet Academy

Normet has delivered over 14,000 built-for-purpose underground machines which are serviced and supported with a broad service portfolio.

Normet currently employs over 1600 business professionals with a passion for doing “big” things for its customers and for the industries which the company serves.

Normet operates globally with over 50 locations in 33 countries worldwide. This breadth allows rapid response and reliability to all customers whenever and wherever in the world they may be.

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