Our Value Proposition


Normet defines the future underground by leading transformation into digitalised and sustainable underground mining and construction.

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means building the safest places underground.

  • We aim for a moving target. To stay ahead of the curve and do more for safety and sustainability every day. Normet is continuously developing and introducing new sustainable and safe solutions for underground mining and tunnelling.
  • We commit to exceeding industry standards. We offer solutions for a more sustainable tomorrow. For example, as forerunners in resource efficiency, we optimise processes to reduce the amount of cement in production as well as the carbon footprint of tunnelling and mining projects.
  • We set the bar for safety underground. A safe workplace is the first priority for every Normet employee, and we strive for zero accidents. Tunnels and mines are places where there is no room for error to ensure safety, we build a culture of responsibility.


means delivering productivity with leading-edge solutions and technology.

  • We deliver results and peace of mind by continuously improving the mining and tunnelling processes and offering superior lifetime value and productivity to our customers.
  • As forerunners in digitalisation, we look for best practices and commit to innovation in our work every day. We build new solutions and products in constant dialogue with our customers. Our R&D experts help make a difference for both our customers and the society.
  • At Normet, your skills matter. Operating as a global business, yet ensuring low hierarchy and agility in our organisation, we value your expertise and give you the opportunity to innovate and to develop your own career at Normet.


means that our whole team is committed to our customers’ goals.

  • We have the best team in the mining and tunnelling business. Our proven track record comprises thousands of mining and tunnelling projects around the world We are proactive problem solves with flexibility and a customer-centric mindset.
  • We are committed to long-term partnerships. We work closely with our customers to solve their problems and develop new solutions. Whether it is about spare parts or maintenance, we are always one-step ahead ensuring the customer can focus on their own business. Our comprehensive solutions minimise unpleasant surprises.
  • Best solutions require functioning ecosystems. To develop the industry and improve customer experience, we build capacity for agile cooperation.
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