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Normet Employee – Collaboration is the key

Raymundo Salas Hernández is a Product Manager in ground construction and construction technologies and based in Zacatekas, Mexico. “We work in close collaboration with the customer, and creatively develop, new products every day. Being a technology leader, that’s a must for us,” says Raymundo, who sees first-hand how innovations are benefiting engineering, manufacturing and mining […]

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Normet Employee – An inspiring work environment

Meet Team Lead Wendy Opazo Honorato based in Santiago de Chile, Chile. Wendy is currently one year into her new role at the Sales division where she previously worked as an Assistant. She works with spare part sales and customer service, including managing orders, invoicing, and mid-term planning, as well as technical support, to contribute […]

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Normet’s Summer Trainees – An International Perspective

Spoilers  It has been 2 months since I started at Normet. I have felt valued, treated without any difference regardless of gender, my country of origin, language barriers or job title. I have had the support of the team throughout this adventure, excellent planning during on-boarding and the opportunity to give and receive feedback. All […]

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Normet’s Summer Trainees – Logistics

Toukokuun alussa kesätyöt Normetilla olivat alkamassa ja ilmassa oli jännitystä. Olin juuri palannut Rovaniemeltä Iisalmeen, joten aikaisemmin en edes ehtinyt jännittää. Normet oli yrityksenä minulle jo ennestään tuttu, sillä isäni ja tätini työskentelevät siellä myös. Toki myös iisalmelaislähtöisenä peruskouluaikaiset tehdasvierailut olivat vielä jotenkin muistissa.   Ensimmäisen parin päivän aikana sain perehdytyksen yleiseen turvallisuuteen, trukilla ajamiseen sekä […]

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Normet’s Summer Trainees – A Summer in Keilaranta

Finnish summers are most well-known for anxiously waiting for temperatures to reach above 20 degrees Celsius, trips to Mökki, picnics with friends, and everything else that makes gruelling winters worth tolerating while living in the Nordics. However, as a university student or recent graduate summers are also highlighted by finally getting to put theory into […]

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Normet’s Summer Trainee’s Diary: Summary of my summer at Normet and future directions

My summer internship at Normet is over and it is a good time to sum up the events and experiences of the summer. I had a good time at Normet and found it easy to get involved in the work community. The summer internship was a rewarding and educational experience that provided a lot of […]

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Normet’s Summer Trainee’s Diary: Diving Deeper to the Project

After the overall training, the work has shifted mainly to the office side. The next step in the project was to map the requirements. After reviewing the plans and several Teams meetings, the framework began to become clearer. At the same time, the people and ways of working in the different departments became familiar, as […]

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Normet’s Summer Trainee’s Diary: First Day at the Job

Hi, I am Juho Mark, a 23 years old student from Lappeenranta, Finland. I am studying master’s program in engineering, with Industrial Engineering and Management as my major and Software Engineering as my minor at LUT University. I am interested in how companies can develop and improve their operations with different digitalization solutions. In my […]

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