Manufacturing customer-specific product solutions

Normet has taken a consistent and long-term perspective in development production with continuous investments in production methods.

Our production plants operate to ISO 9001, and we are actively working towards ISO 14001 and 18001 to further raise our environmental performance and enhanced safe working practices, whilst ensuring we have a sustainable and ethical supply chain.


Located in Iisalmi, Finland, our manufacturing facilities have experienced continuous modernising of infrastructure, in order to meet the ever-increasing challenges from the markets and demands from our own growth. Normet has been investing a great deal in the production methods, equipment, and professional skills of the employees.

Our aim is to manufacture high quality, safe, versatile equipment to meet customers' needs. To do this, we have large production facilities and close to 400 trained professionals who are familiar with the customers' environment and dedicated to high-quality production. We want to provide various customer-specific product solutions that fit the customers' environment. Product quality, environment issues, and safety are closely connected with the company's high-tech production and act as a guiding tool for all our operation.

As the leading manufacturer in its industry and because of its favourable location, Normet has excellent prospects for increasing the production capacity also in the future, in terms of facilities, equipment, and labour. In addition to our main manufacturing facility in Iisalmi, we also manufacture equipment in Sweden, Chile and India, as well as a joint venture in China.


Normet’s construction chemical production philosophy is to be “as global as possible, as local as necessary” which determines we have production plants in all regions, and increasingly centred on major tunnelling activity hubs, typically major global cities, and also where a high dominance of underground mining operations exist.

We are proud to produce all products in-house, and through our UK R&D Global Centre, coupled with our satellite R&D activities worldwide, we are able to differentiate and improve performance by tailoring the right chemistry and solutions for our local customers’ needs.

To bring further supply reliability, Normet provides state-of-the-art logistic solutions using real-time GSM telemetry on bulk site tank storage, where both the customer and Normet know when they need refilling, easing the logistical processes, through automated re-ordering arrangements.

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