Lifting and Installations Platforms for Mining and Tunnelling

A challenge we rise to


All you need for installation work and man lifting in mining and tunnelling. Lifting people and materials as safely as possible – a challenge we rise to.

Lifting Vehicles for Optimum Reach

Himec Range

The Himec range is the product of a long collaboration between Normet engineers and global tunnelling customers and experts. This has generated a holistic understanding of customers’ lifting and installation equipment needs in both hard and soft rock environments.

  • Are ideal for medium- to heavy-duty lifting
  • Have working range in practically any tunnel profile
  • Have large variety of platform configurations and standard options
  • Feature the rigid frame 4-wheel steering carrier or the well-known Normet mining carrier
  • Can be customised for specific lifting and installation applications

Utilift Range

The Utilift scissor lifts on our well-known mining carrier are designed for lifting and installation work in mining and low-profile tunnelling.
They are suitable for:

  • Roof reinforcement
  • Explosives charging
  • Installation of cables, pipes and ventilation equipment

Utilifts’ typical standard options are:

  • Side-shift platform
  • Platform tilt
  • Crane
  • Pipe installation equipment
  • Air copressors
  • Electrically-driven power pack for platform hydraulics
  • ANFO charging kits
  • Helper platforms
  • Fully enclosed, high-comfort operations cabin for enhanced driving ergonomics

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