Rock Scaling and Underground Excavation

High quality scaling for a safer work environment


Scaling loose rock is an essential part of safe underground excavation. Manual scaling is unsafe, unproductive and uneconomical. Mechanisation improves both the quality of scaling and the level of safety, productivity and effectiveness — not only of scaling works but of the entire excavation process.

A Productive Scaler Family

Normet offers a mobile mechanised scaling system: the Scamec 2000.
This has evolved from:

  • Successful scaler experience
  • Hours of research and engineering work
  • Partnerships with mining and tunnelling customers around the world.

The Scamec 2000 scaler family comes in three interchangeable boom versions to provide optimum boom reach and coverage to fit the actual dimensions of the underground space. This reduces the need for repositioning, thereby minimising non-productive time.

Our Scamec range can be equipped with

  • A hydraulic impact hammer for scaling in hard rock
  • A pick unit for primary scaling in soft and stratified rock and for secondary scaling in all underground excavations.

All machines are easy to operate and provide high quality scaling for a safer work environment.

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