Concrete Spraying Equipment and Chemicals

Expert partner through the entire spraying process


Today, the use of sprayed concrete in mines, tunnels and other civil engineering structures is an important and integral part of successful, highly productive, and safe rock support systems.

In addition to offering a complete range of equipment and services, we are also your expert partner throughout the entire spraying process; whether it be for concrete admixtures and accelerators, technical advice, extensive support, problem-solving and/or training.


Concrete Spraying Equipment

Our mobile sprayers are the result of over 50 years of experience in underground works and of close partnerships with tunnelling and mining customers from across the globe. Spraymec models are available with an electro- or diesel-hydraulic configuration and an optional on-board compressor.

Concrete Logistics Equipment

Normet offers a wide range of mobile concrete transport equipment to meet the mining and tunnelling industry’s needs for improved safety and higher productivity.

  • Transmixers and agitators feature different sized horizontal or inclined bowls and powerful engines for fast driving speeds.
  • A soundproofed operator’s cab is a standard option for sprayers and all our transmixers and agitators.

Construction Chemicals

Mix Components for:

  • Making sprayed concrete react fast (TamShot AF range)
    • High performance alkali-free accelerator for sprayed concrete applications
    • Spray between 5% and 7% for most projects to attain the J2 early age strength requirement
    • Stable suspensions and clear solutions, make site-handling logistics and longer term stability more flavourable
  • Making sprayed concrete flow (TamCem range)
    • Modern superplasticiser technologies formulated to give exceptionally high water reduction
    • Increase open time
  • Keeping the concrete open (TamCem HCA / TamCem HCA Plus)
    • Effective concrete hydration control admixture – by adjusting the amend added, the “open-time” of fresh concrete can be extended dramatically
  • Achieving a higher level of durability
    • Enhance the long-term properties of sprayed concrete, particularly when is being used for permanent ground support, or applied to the ground where there is chemically aggressive ground water.
    • TamCem NanoSilica– synthetic Nano particle sized solutions that replaces standard silica fume powders or slurries
    • TamCem iBond
      • provides improved bonding between sprayed concrete layers
      • improves the physical properties of the concrete by acting as an “internal” curing agent

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