Underground Logistics Vehicles for Mining and Tunnelling

Optimising productivity in underground mines and tunnels


High productivity in underground mines and tunnel excavations depends on timely and reliable transportation of a wide range of resources to work sites: men, explosives, fuel, oils, water, pipes, hoses, cables, rock bolts, etc. 

Versatile underground vehicles

Normet provides you with a complete range of rubber tyred underground transport vehicles to fit all your needs. Designed for applications requiring full carrier utilisation, our Utimec range can be custom-built for any purpose:

  • Fuel transport
  • Lubrication
  • Mobile workshop
  • Personnel transport
  • Material transport
  • Flat bed with a crane

Normet's modular Variomec system consists of an articulated carrier and interchangeable work modules for:

  • Rock hauling
  • Concrete transport
  • Man lifting

Any configuration can be converted to another in just a couple of hours.

With one Variomec carrier and various modules, you can save capital costs for your fleet of tunnelling machinery and also maximise your equipment utilisation in rock and concrete transport and lifting and installation works.

Our Multimec slide-on / slide-off cassette system is the ideal solution for mines needing a quick change of use for a wide variety of transport requirements. It features a series of different cassettes that fit on the Multimec carrier, each for a specific purpose. Just one Multimec carrier and the right choice of cassettes gives you a safe and economical underground transport system for men, materials, fuel and so on.

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