Water Control

Normets water control resins are used throughout the full cycle of construction.


Injection resins have been used extensively in mining, civil engineering and the general building industry for many years and continue to play an important role in controlling or preventing water ingress or egress.  Our resins have been designed specifically for these applications and comply with country and site standards and more importantly, environmentally safe and user friendly!

Normets comprehensive portfolio of injection resins, our in depth understanding of the technology, application and associated equipment allows Normet to provide technical solutions to meet all of our client’s project demands. Injection resins are part of our core business and we continue to expand our offering in line with increasing global requirement, a testimony to the products and services we provide to our customers.

The Normet portfolio of resins and grouts includes rigid, flexible, semi-flexible, water activated, temperature adjustable and low viscosity polyurethanes along with ultra-low viscosity water- based acrylic, colloidal silica and sodium silicate-based systems.  In addition to our range of resins and grouts, Normet supplies a full range of accessories including pneumatic and electrically driven resin pumps, mechanical and inflatable grout packers along with microfine and ultrafine cement additives.

  • Polyurethane injection resins
  • Acrylic injection resins
  • Colloidal silica
  • Silicate polyurea resins
  • Microfine cements
  • Injection packers and accessories
  • Pumps and equipment

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