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Normet Construction Chemicals is a world leader in waterproofing products used for building, civil engineering, basements and tunnelling.  Normet is more than simply a manufacturer, we provide comprehensive solutions – “from the deepest foundations to the roof”. Wherever water needs to be stopped or retained, Normet has a product or a system to do it.  With over 30 years of continued investment in all aspects of waterproofing, Normet’s portfolio of solutions is second to none.

Product Types

  • Integral Treatments
    • Admixtures for use in fresh concrete and mortar mixes, and formulations to treat capillaries and seal concrete through a process of crystallisation
    • Waterproofing admixtures –TamSeal Admix
    • Polymer additives –TamCrete SBR
  • Penetrating Waterproofing Sealers
    • To resist the ingress of water and water-borne contaminants
    • Some react with free-lime to form a water insoluble calcium silicate hydrate, while others combine with free lime to form insoluble crystalline complexes within the surface matrix of the concrete
    • By impregnation –TamSeal 7 / TamSil 290
    • By crystallisation –TamSeal 20



For long term durable flexible waterproofing linings in composite or final coating, our offerings are:


TamSeal 800

Sprayed Applied Waterproofing Membrane

  • Tough but also highly flexible membrane
  • Outstanding adherence to both cured and fresh applied concrete
  • Enables watertight composite shell structures by disabling water migration along the concrete-membrane-interfaces
  • Easily bridge concrete crack defects up to 3 mm
TamSeal 10F

Acrylic Modified Cementitious Flexible Waterproofing Coating

  • Ideal product to waterproof and re-surface concrete or masonry
  • Mixed simply on site
  • Creates an effective barrier against waterborne salts, atmospheric gases
  • Provides a hardwearing waterproof membrane for roof and concrete protection

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