Scamec 2000 Breaker – Mobile breaker machines

Scamec 2000 Breaker is diesel driving breaker machine designed for breaking down large boulders in underground mining. Breaker consist of NC200 carrier with S440 breaker boom and BR2166 hydraulic hammer.

Key benefits and features

  • Sturdy Scamec 2000 chassis
  • 48 kW hammer input rate
Scamec breaker for Mines and Tunnels SCamec 2000 Breaker - Stage IIIA

Options and additional equipment

Key Options
  • Dust suppression water spray options
  • Fixed or turnable push blade
Emission Class
  • Stage IIIA


SCamec 2000 Breaker - Stage IIIA

Scamec 2000 Breaker

  • Technical data sheet available here
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