Concrete repair

Degradation of concrete may happen due to corrosion, structural damage, water penetration or many other reasons. Normet, and TAM before that, have spent decades developing concrete repair solutions to return the concrete back to its original condition or better. There are a number of different repair solutions from Normet

An epoxy-based mortar that is designed for high build on horizontal and vertical surfaces and which delivers high strength.

Cement within a concrete mix doesn’t contain any natural bonding agents. When concrete is added to an existing layer of concrete, steel or iron, the concrete will sit as a separate layer and won’t be joined or bonded to the existing material. This will not produce a strong repair so the existing layer needs treating with a bonding agent as a primer.

Normet offers a range of cement-based repair mortars and grouts that allow you to select the optimum mortar or grout for your repair challenge. You can chose between high build, high strength, high flow, water plugging heavy duty, rapid setting options.

A range of concrete repair epoxy injection grouts and mortars that provide maximum penetration, high strength, low movement, chemical and water resistance.

An epoxy coating is a glossy protective layer on the concrete surface that strengthens the concrete surface and protects it from chemical attack and decay.

Normet offers a selection of pumps, injectors and syringes for cost effective and efficient epoxy grout injection.

Ready to use chemical form release agent suitable for all type of mould and shutter faces.

Penetrating concrete sealer and hardener for civil engineering projects.

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