Liquid Applied Waterproofing

Some concrete structures require more than just waterproofing, and may require additional protection for a variety of reasons. Whatever the circumstances, the Normet range of coatings and membranes can provide a solution for any job. There are two main types of liquid applied waterproofing treatments:

Cement-based waterproof coating –  cement based coatings have a natural compatibility with the host concrete and are simple and easy to apply, providing proven solutions at relatively low cost. Normet’s products incorporate the latest technologies to prevent shrinkage whilst creating strong waterproof barriers. They exhibit high resistance to positive and negative water pressure and are ideal for use on foundations, basements, bund walls, reservoirs, water-retaining structures, seawater channels, roofing and tunnels.

Polymer waterproofing –  Some situations demand even tougher products. Polymer waterproofing includes bitumen rubber, polyurethane, polyurea and acrylic technologies. Normet’s products are designed to provide first-class waterproofing capabilities but also high levels of resistance to specific chemicals, seawater, sewage and water-borne contaminants such as chlorides and sulphates. Other products in our range provide solar heat resistance and exhibit flexibility and/or elastomeric characteristics to account for the presence of dynamic cracks.

Single Component Flexible Gas and Waterproof Membrane

Polyurethane Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Liquid-applied PU Waterproofing Membrane – Exposed Surfaces

Liquid-applied Waterproofing Membrane (Root Resistant)

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