Rock bolting systems

What is rock reinforcement?

Rock Reinforcement is not just bolting! It is an act of strengthening, consolidating and securing rock mass, soil and ground, and preventing it from loosening its mechanical and physical properties which would lead to collapses and damages and in worst case fatalities.

Reinforcement is a combination of several measures creating a system, where rock bolt is just one component, because bolts and anchors can work only as good as they’ve been installed – grouted!

Injections of strata and bolt grouts are therefore an inseparable part of Rock Reinforcement.

How Normet can help you with rock bolting?

Normet has been a market leader in the mining and tunnelling industries for over 40 years, helping our customers stabilize rock formations through our rock bolting systems and chemical resins. Our rock bolting systems include Dynamic Rock Bolts, Self-Drilling Anchors and Self Drilling Locally Anchored Dynamic Hollow Rock Bolts. Normet can also supply conventional and composite type rock reinforcement anchors and bolts.

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