Sheet Waterproofing Membrane

Sheet waterproofing membranes are a “tried and trusted” method of protecting and waterproofing large areas of concrete, foundation slabs, retaining walls and tunnels. Normet offers a range of sheet membranes in self adhesive or torch-applied format.

Self-adhesive waterproofing membrane – A choice of rubber bitumen/HDPE, PVC or HDPE membranes coupled with a self-adhesive layer designed to create a strong bond with concrete. The range covers a number of applications from waterproofing underground structures such as tunnels and basements to walls and roof terraces.

Torch-applied waterproofing membrane – a 4.5 kg APP modified bituminous formulation, incorporating a mineral slate coating mounted on a tough, non-woven polyester mat. These products are designed for heavy-duty use and exhibit exceptional tensile strength, tear resistance qualities and resistance to water-borne chemicals and UV light. They will prevent the lateral migration of water.

High Performance HDPE Preformed Membrane for Upwards Bonding

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