Sprayed concrete solutions

Sprayed concrete (also called Shotcrete) is where concrete is applied using compressed air on to a surface rather than pouring or placing in formwork. The sprayed concrete structure is self-supporting. The process can be wet or dry. Normet offers a number of products for both wet and dry products that have been used on mines, tunnels and civil engineering projects globally in demanding applications. Normet offers:

  • Superplasticisers – increase the strength and flowability of concrete by allowing it to be made with 30% less water
  • Alkali-free accelerators – speeds up concrete setting time. Safer to handle and reduced impact on final strength and durability versus standard accelerators.
  • Air entraining admixtures – improve the workability, cohesion and resistance to freeze-thaw degradation by stabilizing the development of microscopic air bubbles in concrete.
  • Fibre reinforced concrete – short fibres that are mixed with concrete so as to increase its strength and structural integrity.
  • Gunite – a dry mix, fine particle concrete that only is hydrated during application in the nozzle of the applicator.
  • Hydration control admixtures – provide predictable control over concrete set times
  • Pump line primer – concrete delivery line primer that provides lubrication to improve the flow of concrete to the nozzle.
  • Early strength concrete admixtures – provide high early strength coupled with fast set times.
  • Concrete bonding agent – materials that allow new concrete to be strongly joined to concrete layers of the substrate.
  • Protective agents & cleaners – protect and clean sprayed concrete equipment to extend its operational life.

Various types of liquid admixture that can be added to concrete to improve the properties or performance of concrete.

Concrete bonding agents improve the bond between the sprayed concrete layers and/or the substrate and which reduce the evaporation of water from sprayed concrete. TamCem iBond is specially designed for wet-mix sprayed concrete and is EN compliant for bond improving admixtures.

A range of superplasticisers that deliver high water reduction, high flowability, high durability, easier placement, slump protection and a superior finish.

High performance additives for concrete spraying. Meet requirements of ASTM, EN, EFNARC standards. Mining, tunnelling and slope stabilisation.

TamCem air entraining admixtures provide enhanced durability and freeze/thaw protection. Normet’s TamCem admixtures are designed for tunnelling and mining.

A range of synthetic macro concrete reinforcing fibres designed for demanding applications such as mining, tunneling, decks, highways and industrial flooring.

Specially formulated cement based, pre-bagged, gunite mix for dry spray application. Suitable for structural and non-structural repairs.

The TamCem range of Hydration Control Admixtures are designed to extend the time that concrete is workable.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly concrete cleaners and protective agents designed to reduce concrete buildup and remove hardened concrete from equipment.

Pump and concrete delivery line primer providing lubrication to assist the delivery of concrete to the nozzle.

A range of high performance shotcrete and sprayed concrete additives to increase durability, early age strength and reduce evaporation in CEM 1 and 2 cements.

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