Simulator Trainings


We know how expensive it can be to train your people. We also know that you need to keep your equipment working, so upskilling your operators can be a challenge. With this in mind, we at Normet have developed a range of integrated simulation products Service, Spraying, and Scaling master training paths.

Normet Simulation


  • Improve safety with the correct operating procedures
  • Skilled operators increase profitability by improving productivity and reducing downtime
  • Reduce material consumption
  • Concrete spraying and scaling process planning with efficient working methods
  • Courses for all skill levels from basic to advanced and master.
  • Real time Normet equipment control and measurement systems
  • Training where you want it – on your premises or at Normet facilities.

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All our simulators are based on real time Normet equipment user interface and operation controls to achieve best possible simulation training experience for simulator user. This feature will increase operator equipment understanding and give safe environment to train different kind of scenarios in these challenging processes without causing any expensive costs during training.

Normet Simulators will reduce environment impact by saving fuel, material and time during training. We are pleased to say our simulation services historically have delivered an average of 23% improvement in operational efficiency.

Normet Simulation

EFNARC Approved Concrete Spraying Simulator

Normet’s concrete spraying simulator system includes EFNARC C2 certified operator training course. EFNARC, the international association of Experts for Specialized Construction and Concrete Systems, has been developing certification programs for sprayer operators to meet tightening industry standards, safety requirements, and environmental concerns since launching the Nozzleman training assessment and certification program in 2009. C2 is the latest addition for operator training and certification with the integration of VR simulator technology.

Normet Simulator Training Offering
  • EFNARC C2 nozzleman training to achieve highest possible standard for this tough operation together with certified Normet nozzleman examiners
  • Tailor made Normet training courses from beginner to advance skill level of operators
  • Normet user interface troubleshoot training for Service and Operational personnel
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