Sustainability at Normet

We act safely and sustainably

For us at Normet, sustainability means addressing the global issues of resource scarcity and climate change, improving the health and safety of our employees and clients, and ensuring good governance in our operations. We improve underground mining and tunnelling processes by using our expertise and technology to create value for our clients and society.

We have set the bar high. Our goal is to exceed mining and tunnelling industry standards and, by doing that, set an example for others. We do this by continuously developing and introducing new sustainable and safe solutions, extending the life of used resources to enable the more efficient use of materials, optimizing our current processes to improve energy efficiency and the use of water, improve the management of wastewater, and reduce the amount of cement in production. This way we will also cut the carbon footprint of tunnelling and mining projects.

We act safety and sustainably at Normet

In addition to our ambition of building a more environmentally sustainable mining and tunnelling industry, the safety of our employees and clients is key. Tunnels and mines are places where there is no room for error. To ensure safety at the workplace, we strive for zero accidents through building a culture of responsibility.

Sustainability at Normet


Normet has identified 14 material topics as being the most relevant to its operations. These are carbon emissions, innovation and collaboration, circularity, energy efficiency, air quality, water and wastewater management, occupational health and safety, employee engagement, diversity, supply chain sustainability, community involvement, business ethics and data security. At Normet, sustainability education and training also play an intrinsic role.

These together form our priorities:

1. Cutting carbon emissions of our own operations and value chain in accordance with the Paris agreement;
2. Increasing innovation and collaboration through materials and products and by creating long-term partnerships, and;
3. Improving safety and building an inspirational work environment with greater employee engagement.

In a nutshell, the aim is to decrease negative and increase positive impact. At Normet, we stay ahead of the curve and do more for safety and sustainability every day.

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